Engagement rings

Nelly Ley helps to create unique rings for your loved one. We understand how important the day you propose to this very special person is, so we want to help you get that YES! Our dedicated Design Team will be happy to draw a bespoke ring if you cannot find the perfect one. We help clients with their own favourite stone to set it in a new ring. We can help you reuse cherished family jewellery to create something new. If you need more information please email us on info@nellyley.co.uk

All our stones come from fair trade sources. The diamonds are the highest quality fair trade. You can have rings altered or made in another metal. We can help to deliver your ring in a short time by special request. All gold, platinum and palladium precious metal jewellery comes with an Authenticity Certificate. The metal is Hallmarked to ensure its highest standard in accordance with British Law.

New products coming soon.