Women's wedding bands

The Nelly Ley team is very excited to make your wedding a special day. We are committed to providing the best possible experience, creating your unique ring with the help of our design team. The wedding ring has a special meaning, and needs to be comfortable to wear, so we offer altering and adjusting of your bespoke ring. To find out more please email info@nellyley.co.uk

All rings can be adjusted to your preference, so we can add your favourite stone or change the metal if you don't find one suitable in our shop. In special circumstances we can reuse metal you may have inherited from your family to make you a new ring. For more information please email customercare@nellyley.co.uk. All new rings are hallmarked to ensure the highest quality of the product according to British Standards. If stones are used they come from the fair trade source. All diamonds are fair trade.