Nelly Ley specialises in bespoke, enamelled brooches and pins.
Some pieces are made for customers who provide their own design, or supply their own stone to be set.
If you would like to request more information about the services we provide please email We will contact you shortly.

Brooches have always been important in fashion. Frequently decorated with enamel or with gemstones, they may be solely ornamental, or sometimes serve a practical function as a fastening. Nelly Ley specialises in applying enamel on jewellery pieces with various techniques such as Champlevé , Cloisonné or Plique-à-jour . All done in a hot kiln according to traditional enamelling techniques so the glass last lasts longer and looks fabulous. As the history of brooches goes back to Bronze Age, we appreciate the fashion in brooches change rather quickly and can identify the time they were made. Nelly Ley creates pieces which can become a family heirloom for generations to come. Nelly Ley will customise the brooch with hand carved stones or engravings of family crest or initals.

New products coming soon.