elly Ley offers earrings hand made in Britain. All designs are adjusted to customers' needs.
Special requests can be emailed to info@nellyley.co.uk and we will contact you shortly.

Elegant earrings are an important part of ladies jewellery. Nelly Ley offers enamelled earrings with set gemstones. The combination of different styles of enamel such as Champlevé , Cloisonné or Plique-à-jou can make the piece really unique so it stands out and makes you feel special.
The specially selected gemstones come from fair trade sources and are top quality.
We indicate when the stone is synthetic or natural and for your piece of mind give the certificate of authenticity. All diamond earrings are set with fair trade diamonds. Some gemstones can be replaced with other stones of your preference. Earrings can also be adjusted from a stud to a different fastening or made in a metal other than that advertised. There are many possibilities at Nelly Ley shop, thanks to a devoted customer service team and specialists based in Britain, the best quality is quickly achived. For more information please email customercare@nellyley.co.uk.

New products coming soon.