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Nelly Ley makes collectable pieces of jewellery for generations to come. The material is of highest quality and hallmarked for your assurance. The techniques applied in each piece combine traditional craftsmanship with modern use. You will find enamelled pieces with various techniques, fired in hot kiln according to traditional methods, and ensuring a long lasting effect.

Chased pieces are unique and give a special finishing touch. All done by hand and not cast or pre-carved. We can help to make any designs you wish on most pieces. If you have anything specific in mind please email us on
Nelly Ley specialises in engraved pieces. All hand engraved letters can be personalised to meet your expectations. The seal engraving is hand carved and provided with wax impression and wax candle. Some collectable rings may be stamped with the number so you can track the year they were made.

Please email if you require a bespoke item.