NellyLey Engraved Pieces

Nelly Ley specialises in hand engraved pieces of jewellery from simple ornamentations to seal engraved signets. The tools used to engrave the pieces are called scorpers. The simple knife with handle is set up to cut away the metal and create the beatiful design on your piece of jewellery. Though simple and straight forward looking, it requires a lot of practice to master the cutting techniques. The advantage of hand engraved pieces is unique looking fonts, and a beautiful finish which adds to the value of the piece. We offer to personalise your jewellery with your name or initials on most of our products. If you need more information please send us an email at

Seal engraved signets are hand cut and provided with wax impression and wax candle. We stamp collectable rings with the year of manufacture to be able to track it in the future. Please email us on for more information about our services.